Metadata : What you need to know.

Your eBook is all about the great story you're telling, of course, but there's more to it than that. At least from the perspective of the finished product, namely that file you are selling and distributing. Embedded in the eBook file is a lot of very important information. Some of it is obvious (e.g. the title) and some not so much (e.g. series information).  Let's take a look at the sorts of information you may want to included with your eBook file.

Title : About as obvious as you are going to get.

Author : That's you. In some cases, that's you and your co-author(s).

Publisher : The publishing company behind the eBook. This can also be you, the author, or the name you give to the company behind your name.

Cover Image : If you don't have a cover for your work, we will automatically generate one for you with our own image, your name and the title of the work. They say you can't judge a book by its cover, but sadly, people do. A great cover can go a long way to getting your work noticed.

Description : Think of this as the cover blurb. This is the catchy bit of advertising meant to reel in potential readers. It's the free text that makes them say, "Whoa! I really need to read this book!" It's your chance to play the advertising game. 

Contributor : Who else is involved in the creation of this work?

Series Number and Series Name : Is this part one of a trilogy, or number 23 in an ongoing serial? What is this series called?

ISBN Number : A 13 digit number that identifies your book.

Language : Also kind of obvious.

Copyright Information : All work created by an author is automatically copyrighted. That's the law. However, if you want to identify a copyright date or a license under which you wish to distribute your work, then do so here.