Now With Coupons!

Our Ultimate Writer's Websites now supports coupons, which is actually pretty cool. Let me tell you a little about it.

The idea is simple. You create coupons that offer a discount, a dollar amount, and so on and you make them available to your readers via Facebook, a mailing list, through your Website, or whatever means you use to keep in touch with your readers. Coupons can be restricted to a user and a single purchase, or even multiple purchases. You can even set them up with an expiry date.

There are three possible things you can do here; Add New Coupons, check on used coupons, and inactive coupons. Coupons can be generated individually, in bulk, applied to specific items, SKUs, or taxonomy terms (e.g. tags).  To create and work with coupons in your site, click Admin, Store Administration, and then Coupons. When you Add a Coupon, another page will appear from which you can define whatever kind of coupon you desire.