Features, Features, and more Features!

The Ultimate Writer Websites are designed with the professional writer in mind. Thes feature-rich sites include :

  • discussion forums
  • blogging and story creation
  • reader feedback and comments
  • an online calendar to let your readers know where you are going to be or when your latest work will be released
  • image galleries
  • a WYSIWYG editor to make content creation a breeze
  • tagging of posts for easy searching
  • an animated tag cloud (makes searching content fun)
  • site-wide contact form
  • multiple themes so you can change the look of the site to fit your personal style
  • online polls
  • CAPTCHAs (a response challenge system designed to prevent spambots from posting on your site)


The Premium version of the Ultimate Writer's Website includes all of the above and provides you with a powerful shopping cart, Ubercart, so you can sell what you write, direct from your site. Its features include:

  • Selling physical goods (yes, you can still sell paper books)
  • Selling file downloads (i.e. eBooks).
  • Selling site access for members only websites, including automatic renewals and expiration of user access.
  • Configurable product catalog includes catalog pages and a block to display product categories.
  • Flexible product creation system. Create normal products by default. Add fields to store additional product information.
  • Flexible product attributes system. Create user selectable attributes for your products that modify the price, SKU/model, and/or weight of items as the customer adds them to his or her cart. This can include recurring fees for subscription-based items.
  • Single page checkout. All checkout information gathered on a single screen composed of configurable checkout panes.
  • Automatic account generation (anonymous checkout). Accounts and emails are automatically generated based on the customer's e-mail address. (Optional setting allows customers to specify account names and passwords in checkout.) For return customers, previously used addresses will be listed on the checkout page for easy access.
  • Simple order processing.
  • Simple order creation and editing. Easy to create orders manually for customers, adding products, shipping prices, etc. from a single screen. Line items system makes it easy to add fees, discounts, and coupons to orders.
  • Integrated payment system that acts as a bridge between acceptable payment methods (check, credit card, cod, etc.) and payment gateways (PayPal is standard but others may be purchased optionally). Note: You must have your own account to use these payment gateways, otherwise you can still use C.O.D.


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